The Fresnel lens is used a lot as a magnifier due to its thinness and light weight. While the magnifying glass with a normal maximum lens size is about 100mm in diameter, the Fresnel lens can be produced up to 2000mm in diameter. The Fresnel lens is also light as it is very thin, from 0.4mm to 5mm thick.
Mirror coating is also applied to the Fresnel lens and can be used as a convex or concave reflector.


Precautions when designing Fresnel lens for magnifier

  • Specification design suitable for intended use (Thickness, Magnifying Power)
  • Lens material quality selection
  • Groove pitch, Tip radius, and Tool mark that determine readability


Fresnel Factory has various application experiences ranging from optical design, mold design, and fabrication of Fresnel lens.
Links to optical and mold design, fabrication design and tooling




<Small crystal magnifier with Fresnel Factory magnifier built-in>




Reflective Fresnel

Reflective is used in various areas such as when the rear of the bank ATM, security, and machine operation department needs to be observed. It is designed to be light and small for external shocks, but to have a wide view, with high durability.



Characteristics of reflective


  • Clear reflection image and less deformation
  • Wide viewing angle : visualization angle of 100 degrees, upper and lower viewing angle of 50 degrees)
  • strengthened surface coating process, increased hardness, anti-weathered, anti-UV, anti-aging, scratch-resistance: Superior performance with protective aluminum surface spray paint, waterproof, moisture-proof, apply to various environmental
  • Wide-angle mirrors the back of double-sided adhesive, easy to use, using the adhesive stickers on backside




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