by Ashton KIM
Handful experience in VR, AR, CPV, LED and Daylights

'Prism-based Floating Hologram' R&D result presentation

by: Ashton KIM
<Presentation of Dr. Kim during the Hologram Convergence Industry Forum General Meeting>  The Hologram Convergence Industry Forum was held at the Electronic Hall August 21. Dr. Seung-chul Kim (Service Research Institute, KT Institute of Convergence Technology) presented 'KT's hologram related research and development trend'. In the session, Dr. KIM present...

3-axis Hemisphere instrument for PIR TEST

by: Ashton KIM
IR emitters were installed in a three-axis and hemispherical instrument for the PIR test to implement changes in radiation energy by distance of a person/PET. This enabled us to reduce and automate PIR performance measurements.        Hello, This is Fresnel Factory Co., Ltd. We introduce the 3 axis-hemispherical instrument for the PIR test. Demand for PIR...

Mold production for injection molding of ultra-small precision optical lens

by: Ashton KIM
We introduce case of mold production for injection molding of ultra-small precision optical lens. In order to make injection molding of ultra-small precision optical lens which uses five sides of hexahedron as effective lens surface, we adopt fine mold processing, Surface roughness of 50nm or less, and tunnel gate.   Hello, This is Fresnel Factory Co., Ltd. We...

A daylight prism sheet spotlighted by Viva Tech Solis

by: Ashton KIM
Fresnel Factory Co., Ltd. was invited by Paris City on May 15 to exhibit Smart Solis at the Viva Tech exhibition. We had a meeting with investors, ITD Technology, PSV Film and Visio Roma. One of investor, a subsidy of global material company, was interested in the microscopic prism, which is the source optical technology of Fresnel Factory Co., Ltd., and discussed the use...

Reduction of production stage by supplying improved PIR lens for human counter sensor

by: Ashton KIM
  Fresnel Factory has supplied its customers with improved PIR lenses for human counter sensors. As a result, the customer's production process has been reduced. This has helped reduce labor costs, increase production yields, and reduce performance tolerance between customer’s products   The customer has already supplied the lens for PIR from foreign...

Fresnel lens manufactured by casting mold

by: Ashton KIM
Introducing Fresnel lens manufactured by casting mold. While improving optical lenses to be used as 3D optical elements for TV-sized glassfree 3D optics of 55 inches in Fresnel Factory, we introduced Fresnel lenses for the first time by introducing a casting mold that improves optical characteristics for obtaining high-quality images     Hello, This is Fresnel...

Development of lens transmittance improvement for FIR sensor for absolute temperature measurement

by: Ashton KIM
  We have developed a lens transmittance improvement for FIR sensor for absolute temperature measurement, and we introduce successful cases which increased about 10%. FIR (Far InfraRed) sensor is a sensor that detects the temperature by measuring the infrared (IR) emitted from an object and is used in infrared cameras.    <Lens transmittance improvement for...

Binocular mirror mount - Russia

by: Ashton KIM
We received an email from Russian. He said that he was making telescope himself and needing Fresnelfactory's front surface mirror.   The mirror is generally used for many purposes, so many people in Korea ask about it. By the way, I am so glad that Russian searched our products.   View Original.

Providing to LG Electronic Design Room

by: Ashton KIM
We had many relationship through Kintex Lighting Fair last April. The relationship with LG Electronics design room was very precious to us.   Had  regarded lenses as only the purpose of spreading and collecting lighting, but we could think lense in terms of design. We had several meetings, and selected lenses were provided after the tests of...

Fresnel lens delivery to Samsung Advanced institute of Technology

by: Ashton KIM
Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology(SAIT) is the highest R&D institution to conudct prior research of Samsung Electronics. We delivered a large Fresnel lens F = 1300 and F = 1100 that is fresnel lens for projection to SAIT.   Their use was secret due to its nature, but we heard that fresnel lense are used for visual...