Curved Fresnel lens,PD04-7004

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Model No.: PD04-7004

The Fresnel lens uses the special optical principle of the lens to create an alternating "blind zone" and "high-sensitivity zone" in front of the detector to improve its detection and reception sensitivity. When someone walks in front of the lens, the infrared rays emitted by the human body alternately alternate from the "blind zone" into the "high-sensitivity zone", so that the received infrared signal is input in the form of a pulse that is strong and weak, thereby increasing the energy amplitude.

Advantages of this product are: least absorption loss in the 8-14 micron region, extremely thin with consistent thickness across the lens, large apertures and minimal thermal expansion.and PIR Fresnel lens is made of milky white flexible 0.2mm~0.4mm thick High Density PE with UV protection.









Model No.: