Solis Daylight film for

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Model No.: DL5034
Size(mm): 1050*1000
Thickness(mm): 195um
Material: PMMA
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Solis is a daylighting device that utilizes optical lens technology. As daylight shines through the window, Solis redirects it whatever area requires illumination. Using Solis, you can adjust the daylight to suit your situation, wherever you are, and enjoy daylight and its enormous benefits. may no longer suffer too much heat at the window.
Solis redirects the daylight coming through the window to make the window seat cooler. can do better in your field(work,study,etc)
- A workplace with good daylight increases productivity and sales by 40%.
- Students in the classroom receiving sufficient daylight showed 20% improvement in mathematics and 26% improvement in reading over students who do not.
3.make your body and mind healthier
less stressful,healthier,increases recovery rate by 40% electricity and air conditioning costs up to 20% on lighting costs
You can redirect the daylight to the ceiling, and this redirected light makes your workspace brighter by approximately 20%. As a result,
you can replace artificial light with natural light, which not only helps your health, but also saves up to 20% on lighting costs. up to 10% on cooling costs
Solis spreads heat evenly to the seat, far away from the window sea and the window. So a person sitting at the window can feel cool even without air-conditioning. While those sitting far away from the window no longer need to suffer lack of heat. As a result, you can work in a better environment and save up to 10% on cooling costs.












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