Design and Tooling

 Fresnel Factory Inc. has various optical design experiences, starting with beam projector design in 2002. Key optical design programs use ZEMAX, and also use Solidworks for instrument design. You can entrust us with optical design part to prototype production.

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Fresnel lenses are small, narrow circular ridges and are plastic sheets or film-type lenses that improve weight, thickness, and price compared to conventional convex lenses. Each of the ridges is designed to be slightly different angles by a constant ratio, so that light can be collected into a single focal point. Each of these bumps is a type of prism that refracts light. Fresnel lens can also reduce spherical aberrations to prevent the prize from becoming disorganized.

Fresnel lenses are special optical lenses that can be made from materials such as PMMA, PVC, PC (Polycarbonate), and SOG (Silicon on Glass). Because of its relatively high quality and low price, it can be used as a good substitute. Usually, the dense bone clearance provides a clearer resolution, and the wider one provides a better light collection. Because common types of lenses of the same area are difficult to develop, and the price is unreasonable, Fresnel lenses are very useful for when expecting high-quality result for a small price.

Fresnel Factory Inc. develops and produces Fresnel lens by five different methods. Go to take a look closely.



Key Equipment

  • Plastic injection molding machine
  • Injection molding machine
  • Diamond turning machine
  • The large diamond lathe
  • High-speed CNC machine
  • High precision optical disc lathe
  • Reflective coating


Development Process


  1. Planning – Identify and set customer needs and constraints.
  2. Design – Optical Design and Simulation Based on Detailed Conditions and Constraints
  3. Test with Off-the-Shelf – set the hypothesis of the design phase and find the best solution in the existing product
  4. Designing molds – Design using the most appropriate method out of Hot press, injection molds and casting methods
  5. Production - Mold tooling and lens production
  6. Quality Inspection
  7. Shipping


Simulate to program according to customer needs (example)


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