Description Size H*L(mm) Focal Length(mm) Groove Pitch(mm) Link
LS15-28 Ø28  15  0.3 Buy it now!
LS18-03 Ø38  18  0.3  Buy it now!
LM20-01B Ø162  20  0.1  Buy it now!
LM20-01M Ø162  20  0.1  Buy it now!
LM20-01S Ø162  20  0.1  Buy it now!
LM20-01V Ø210  20  0.1  Buy it now!
LS21-03 Ø38  21  0.3  Buy it now!
LM24-026 Ø62  24  0.26  Buy it now!
LM24-03 152.3*152.3  24  0.3  Buy it now!
LS2605-02  Ø44.8 26.5  0.2  Buy it now!
LS2705-05 Ø51  27.5  0.5  Buy it now!
LS35-05 Ø52  35  0.5  Buy it now!
LS35-05D Ø80  35  0.5  Buy it now!
LM35-05 44*42  35  0.5  Buy it now!
LM35-05B 100.5*51.5  35  0.5  Buy it now!
LS52-04 26.5*19.5  52  0.4  Buy it now!
 LM6704-025   67.4/13.8  0.25  Buy it now!
LM83-025 Ø268.5  83/125  0.25  Buy it now!
LS90-125 (64+125)*90  90  0.5  Buy it now!
LS90-155 (58+155)*100  90  0.5  Buy it now!
LS120-75  75.5*75.5 120  0.3  Buy it now!
LS120-138 138*120  120  0.3 Buy it now!
LS120-170 Ø170  120  0.3 Buy it now!
LS120-200 Ø200  120  0.3 Buy it now!
 LS130-147 Ø147  130  0.3  Buy it now!
LS138-88 Ø88  135  0.3  Buy it now!
LS135-155 (59+155)*100  135  0.3  Buy it now!
LS140-88 (22+88)*72  140  0.5  Buy it now!
LS140-198 Ø198  140  0.5  Buy it now!
LS140-165 Ø165  140  0.3  Buy it now!
LS140-200 Ø200  140  0.3  Buy it now!
LS150-035 Ø298  150  0.5  Buy it now!
 LS150-035S 84.2*57  150  0.5  Buy it now!
LS170-198 Ø198  170  0.3  Buy it now!
LS185-198 Ø198  185  0.3  Buy it now!
LS185-200 Ø200  185  0.3  Buy it now!
LM185-155 155*85  185  0.3  Buy it now!
LS200-205 Ø205  200  0.5  Buy it now!
LS200-115  115*115,Ø150 200  0.3  Buy it now!
 LS200-260 Ø260  200  0.5  Buy it now!
LS210-196 Ø196  210  0.5  Buy it now!
LS210-252 252*137  210  0.5  Buy it now!
LS220-196 Ø196  220  0.3  Buy it now!
LS220-197 Ø197.5  220  0.3  Buy it now!
LS230-150 Ø150   230 0.5 Buy it now!
LS230-180 Ø180  230  0.5  Buy it now!
LS235-205 Ø205  235  0.5  Buy it now!
LS235-250 Ø250  235  0.5  Buy it now!
LS235-260 Ø260  235  0.5  Buy it now!
LS240-180 Ø180  240  0.5  Buy it now!
LS326-250 Ø250  326  0.5  Buy it now!
LS406-240 Ø240  406  0.5  Buy it now!
LS600-310 Ø310  600  0.5  Buy it now!



The Fresnel lens is an essential optical element of the Concentrate photovoltaic. Using the Fresnel lens, you can create a wide area of light collection and reduce the electric consumption of the drive unit due to light lenses.

Fresnel lenses used in CPV require the following precautions.

  • Concentrated light efficiency
  • Temperature Heat Resistance
  • Penetration Ratio
  • UV Tolerance


Fresnel Factory develops and supplies home-use panels using polymer, glass, and Film materials.
Can collect sunlights using linear, single, and multi-array.



<Photovoltaic Light Collection Equipment that uses Fresnel Factory lens>





Concentrated photovoltaic cells (CPV ) are photovoltaic technologies that generate electricity from sunlight. Unlike conventional photovoltaic systems, we use lenses and curved mirrors to focus the sun's light on small but highly efficient multi-junction (MJ) solar cells. The CPV system also often uses solar tracer and, in some cases, cooling systems to increase efficiency. [2] : 30 The ongoing research and development is rapidly improving competitiveness in the power business sector and in high areas. This kind of solar technology can be used in smaller areas.




Fresnel Factory supplies photovoltaic, solar-powered lenses. The light collection method is known as the Concentrat Photovoltaic (CPV).
This method is used not only for power generation but also for natural lighting, which is used for indoor lighting by collecting light from outside.
Photovoltaic lenses have Silicon-on-Glass (SOG) lenses designed to withstand temperatures of more than 160 degrees Celsius and common PMMA lenses. It is also divided into single-array and multi-array lenses.


SOG태양광 발전 특징

SOGs (Strengthen glass silicone metal lenses) and convergent solar cells are designed in a Box format for best effect. Using multi-arranged Fresnel Concentration Lens, the solar array is designed for a wide variety of external environments and is available outdoors for long periods of time. Using the Silicone Gel mold to attach a high-precision, thin silicon lens to the Ultra-white reinforced glass surface. The benefits of SOG lenses are as follows: 

  • Ensured high refractive index
  • Thermal Resistance
  • Durability
  • Minimize optical losses
  • High-intensity
  • Transmittance and anti-aging
  • Anti-ultraviolet radiation


SOGs have relatively stronger climatic resistance characteristics than optical PMMA (Optical Acrylic). Especially, it has excellent characteristics for high-temperature resistance and deformation required in concentrated solar power. For continuous exposure to heat, SOG products can be used with no deformation of the lens up to 180°C PMMA material. Fresnel Factory provides a variety of customization, including lens size, angle of incidence, lens and solar panel distance modification, depending on the customer's needs.



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