LED Lights

LED Lights

The Principles of LED lampshade are as follows :

1. With large reflection angle of the LED point lamp-house, the emanative ray spreads the heat and compares severity, making use of the Fresnel lens to gather the light function. The rays will be gathered by using valid scope therefore increase light effect and maximize brightness result.

2. The Fresnel lens is differentiated from traditional LED lamp, in terms of the design of focal length and distance, which establishes the effective emergent light angle.

3. Compared to traditional products, the super thin structure of Fresnel lens enables improved light transmissibility. In addition, it could be applied for various purposes with its small and condensed product design.

Product filters
Focal length


  • 15
  • 600
Groove Pitch


  • 0.1
  • 0.5

$  –  $

  • ‎$15
  • ‎$200

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