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detail view of fresnel lens

Solar sinter - 3D printer with solar

We received a mail that asking fresnel lens for solar sintar. ------------- Hi, I want to build this kind of machine: Can you recommend me what type of lens I have to buy ?   ---------- Hello,   I highly recommend CP1300-1100. It is slightly bigger...

fresnel lens for ambulance

Recently, I received a mail from Australia. The company is looking for a optical solution for LED light. Below are messages between us. (confidential information are removed)   ----- We are planning to develop an LED lighthead using a Fresnel lens.  It appears that you can help.  Please see attached concept...

Review of LED EXPO 2013

LED EXPO last week with the help of other companies hankyeon have our products on display . The photo below ( shares ) herem as the reflector and heat sink is a picture of the COB . Our various reflectors that when you apply the Fresnel lens to create or Narrow angle or more will be able to...

New fresnel lenses are updated

Dear customers, We are updated 17 new fresnel lenses and details of products. Our product line are updated when we develop new products and lines. If you can't find lenses that you want feel free to contact or Thank you.

Thanks Letter from Spain

Thank you. We received Email from our customer in Spain. ------------ It has been received in good order and I'm very happy with the product. Kind regards. El martes, 23 de octubre de 2012, FresnelFactory by DiYPRO escribió: Dear Juan F.,

Link for our achievements

Here is our achievements with fresnel lens and optical mirror.

Thanks for 38 orders from world wide

In this year, completed 38 orders from world. They are from USA, UK, Spain, Peru, France and so on. The most welcome order was from Valeo, France. Valeo has revenue 10.5 billion Euro in 2011 and a lot of contract with global car companies. Thank you for all of our customers.