CPV and Large

CP330-280(CPV, F=330mm), image
Focal length(mm)330 Groove Pitch(mm)0.5 Length(mm)280 MaterialPoly visiable(UV cut) Thickness(mm)5
fresnel parquet, CG200-780, cpv technology, image
Focal length(mm)200 Length(mm)780 Thickness(mm)4.2 Width(mm)480
fresnel sheet, CG256-1010, cpv silicon, photovoltaic cells, image
Focal length(mm)256 Groove Pitch(mm)1 Length(mm)1010 Thickness(mm)5 Width(mm)1010
CP350-330C(CPV, F=350mm), image
Focal length(mm)350 Groove Pitch(mm)1 Length(mm)340 MaterialPoly visiable(UV cut) Thickness(mm)5
glass based fresnel, CG140-496, silicon cpv, image
Focal length(mm)140 Groove Pitch(mm)0.3 Thickness(mm)4.2 Width(mm)496
CP300-230(CPV, F=300mm), image
Focal length(mm)300 Groove Pitch(mm)0.5 Length(mm)230 MaterialPoly visiable(UV cut) Thickness(mm)5
Ship from the USA(USA customers)-large fresnel lens, CP1300-1100, Focal length=1300mm, solar fresnel lens for sale, image
Focal length(mm)1300 Groove Pitch(mm)0.5 Length(mm)1100 Thickness(mm)5 Width(mm)1100
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