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"How can we reduce delivery time?" 

In developing stage of fresnel lens, most of customization requires to invest huge money and time for designing and molding. It is also the most important factor on deciding delivery lead time, which we try our bests to reduce for customers.
Even though the long delivery lead time conflicts with our value, the trade-off between delivery and customer’s needs is can be realized. 

Here is the solutions. 

1. One-day customizing service 
It is based on our wide range of lens products and know-how. 
In many cases, our dedicated design engineers can create ideal solutions for your optical challenges by suggesting fresnel lens from our broad off-the-shelf inventory. This yields the fastest, most affordable and most effective way to work.

Link to Standard products

2. Dedicate customizing service (4weeks)
In case if the use of stock lens is not feasible, Fresnel Factory’ engineers can modify existing products or generate custom designs with extensive manufacturing resources to create products that meet unique customer needs. FF engineers are prepared to take your project from design to prototype to volume production.

3. A to Z Full package (more than 8weeks)
The whole package for developing new optics for your needs.
Start from define needs, optical and mold design, tooling, and production.   



Step of One-Stop Service


1. Planning: To find out the needs of customer and set-up constraints

2. Design: Optical design and simulation-based on details and constrains

3. Test: To check the assumption from the design stage and find out best solution from existing products

4. Mold design: Hot press or injection mold

5. Production

6. Quality inspection

7. Delivery


Fresnel Factory Inc. product list


● DIY Projector fresnel

LED fresnel

 Photovoltaic fresnel by PMMA

● Photovoltaic by SOG

PIR fresnel

● Wide Angle Mirror

● Large Fresnel Lens