About Fresnel Factory Inc.

Frensel Factory Inc. is Fresnel Lens specialized company since 2002 as DiYPRO Co., Ltd.

We started the business with the World’s 1st Do It Yourself concept projector in October 2002.

From our experience about Beam projector, which is Display application, we can give better insight and option to our customer.

Currently our Fresnel Technology for producing is 5 different methods, such as Hot-press, Injection, Casting, Roll-to-Roll, and Hot-embossing. Each method has different advantage in terms of precision, mass-production, faster R&D time and price.

We have not only skillful design and tooling of Fresnel lens, but also handsful experenice in VR, AR, Integral photonics, CPV, LED lights and Daylights. We have 11 patents related with Fresnel lens and its application.

We are conducting research and development and producing in both the USA and the Korea Republic. 

Our motto is “We Make it visible.”


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Design and Tooling

A variety of production method


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Fresnel Factory Catalog and product list with pictures.

PIR https://www.fresnelfactory.com/fresnel_list/PIR_seriesFresnel_lens(Ver.4).pdf
Circle Fresnel https://www.fresnelfactory.com/fresnel_list/Fresnel_lens_projector_series.pdf
CPV Large https://www.fresnelfactory.com/fresnel_list/Concentrating_photovoltaic(PMMA_Material).pdf
LED light https://www.fresnelfactory.com/fresnel_list/Fresnel_lens_with_LED_Light_Series.pdf
Front Surface Mirror https://www.fresnelfactory.com/fresnel_list/Wide-angle_mirror_reflection.pdf
Cheap fresnel https://www.fresnelfactory.com/fresnel_list/Reading_magnifier.pdf
Optical film https://www.fresnelfactory.com/fresnel_list/ITO_optical_film_inventory_solis.pdf