MLA and Lenticular

Lenticular and MLA(Micro lens array) is essentially required optics that generates 3-D image. Volume matric is a special feature in glassless 3D image. It's a different imaging method than AR (Argument Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) that we see often now.

Glassless 3D put out images suitable for Lenticular and MLA developed to realize three dimensional effect to displays such as LCD, LCOS, OLED and enables the user to see it through Lenticular and MLA. The origin of Fresnel Factory Inc. was development and manufacturing of beam projector so we know very well about not only the optical science but about display as well.

The Lenticular realizes three dimensional effect on the left and right, and MLA is able to realize the effect on upper, lower, right, and left.


Considerable factors when manufacturing

-Optical design that suits display and target resolution

-Lens side illumination for high quality image

-Lens quality (Tip Radius, Value Radius)

-Lens material and thickness that suits display
-Production method appropriate for quantity used in the future

FRESNEL FACTORY INC. has experience with similar holograms and glass-free 3D displays from projection, and has development cases for rental and MLA for customers.

<3D hologram projector developed by FRESNEL FACTORY INC.>

<Glassless 3D display MLA for FRESNEL FACTORY INC.>

Through the experience of prototyping or mass production, we can design various types of optical quality, side illumination, and thickness of optics, which are the core of stereoscopic images, and we also have developed a film-type as well.

Fresnel lens, FM29-679, Array fresnel lens, image
Groove Pitch(mm)7.47 MaterialPoly visiable(UV cut) Thickness(mm)4.5
Fresnel lens, FM08-684, Array fresnel lens, image
Groove Pitch(mm)1.6*1.6 MaterialPoly visiable(UV cut) Thickness(mm)4.5
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Groove Pitch

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