LPV60-300,Prism Fresnel lens

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Groove Pitch(mm)0.6 Length(mm)300 MaterialPoly visiable(UV cut) Thickness(mm)1.86 Width(mm)300

Lenticular and MLA is essentially required optics that generates 3-D image.Volume matric is a special feature in glassless 3D image.It's a different imaging method that AR and VR that we see often now.The Lenticular realizes three dimensional effect on the left and right,and MLA is able to realize the effect on upper,lower,right,and left.Trough the experience of prototyping or mass produciton,we can design various types of optics,which are the core of stereoscopic images,and we also have developed a film-type as well.

The transmittance of the material is important to be the influence of the lens, so the high transmittance material Fresnel Factory using is Poly visible (UV CUT).



Specification of LPV60-300

- Overall size : 300*300 mm
- Pitch : 0.6mm
- Thickness: 1.86mm
- Material : Poly visiable (UV cut) Optical PMMA



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Groove Pitch(mm):
  • Poly visiable(UV cut)

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                                  The unique USA and Korean based manufacture             Special engineered polymers,such as PMMA,PC,PE                       Infrared fresnel optics

                                               having technology for Fresnel lens                          PET for optics.Infrared,Visible and UV light purpose.                      Mold production