Front Surface Mirror

Front surface mirror 

GigaOpt (made by JDSU-OCLI), high quality front surface mirrors, eliminate ghost images inherent in second surface mirrors and provide brighter images and lower system light losses. GigaOpt high reflector mirrors are manufactured using critically selected flat glass with excellent suface quality for the enhanced performance requirements of these products. These mirrors offer the durability and economy of aluminum-based thin film coatings and are available in two families of reflectivity: 94% or 97% (in this page, you can order 94%, BV2)

Key Features

Enhanced aluminum coating

Superior durability for long product life

High reflector (HR) coatings produce reflectivity of 94% or 97%

60/40 scratch/dig surface quality for family of 94% reflectors

80/50 scratch/dig surface quality for family of 97% reflectors

Available on glass substrates ranging in thickness from 0.55mm to 10mm

Protective tape on coated surface



Extending throwing distance of Beam Projector

Rear projection system

D.I.Y. projector

Laser printers

Digital copiers


Automotive digital dashes


Environmental Specifications

Humidity Resistance : The mirror coating shall show no deterioration after exposure to 24-hour humidity test of 49℃ and 95% relative humidity.

Abrasion resistance : The Mirror coating shall show no damage after a 200-rub test with a cheesecloth pad approximately 9.5mm(0.38 inch) diameter by 12.7mm(0.50 inch) thick. The bearing force shall be one pound ±1/4 pound(454g ±114g).

Coating Adhesion : The mirror coating shall show no damage after 3M Scotch Brand No.610 adhesive tape (or equivalent) is placed firmly against the coated surface and removed quickly.

Corrosion Resistance : The mirror coating shall show no deterioration after 24 hours of exposure to a salt fog test (5% NaCl by weight in water) at 35℃

Nominal Reflection Scans

Front surface mirror reflect rate

Processing and Storage Recommendations

GigaoOpt mirrors are shipped with a protective blue Nitto tape on the coated surface. This tape provides safe transport for coated optics during transit. If you will process these high reflector mirrors with this shipping tape still on the mirror then we recommend the following :

Glass needs be at least at room temperature (>20℃) prior to cutting

Crates need to be held at >20℃ for at least 1 week prior to processing due to the large mass of glass that needs to stabilize to room temperature.


If the glass is processed below room temperature then the protective shipping tape will exhibit erratic adhesion and may start to peal during processing.

If chemicals or liquids contact the protective film it may cause adverse adhesion/delamination.


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