Large Fresnel Lens

Large Fresnel Lens Screen, large Phil pinch lens Our company is improving our skills and systems of Diamond Turning Machine for large size Fresnel lens. We are one of world leading company of mold and large Fresnel lens. Base on this technical advantage, we develop lenses for concentration, solar oven, integral photonics and magnifier. Normal type Fresnel lens such as magnifiers, lighting equipment, 3D display is being used in a variety of areas. CPV type Fresnel Lens has Groove on the opposite side for condending. (A flat surface condensing) Also we design to use more 3mm Optical PMMA for loner life time and to have 0.5 ~ 1.0mm groove pitch for higher solar concentration. (If groove pitch is density, then quality of image that is maginifed is clearer.If groove pitch is width, then efficince of concentration of light is higher.)
large fresnel lens, CP1300-1100, Focal length=1300mm, solar fresnel lens for sale, image
Focal length(mm)1300 Groove Pitch(mm)0.5 Length(mm)1100 Thickness(mm)5 Width(mm)1100
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