CPV and Large

Condenser plastic Fresnel lens

Condenser plastic Fresnel lens and solar panels generally use the box design approach to achieve the best possible results.


Solar arrays uses Fresnel condenser lens with following benefits :

-       High precision optical components

-       High precision thin thread forming process

-       High refractive index,

-       Minimum optical losses

-       High-intensity

-       High transmittance and anti-aging,

-       Anti-ultraviolet radiation


Ultimately, the cost of solar cell is several times lower than normal capacity, which provides maximum benefits to the user. The cutting edge design of Fresnel lens and Solar panels generates superior amount of electricity, with customized lens size and incidence angle.


Product filters
Focal length


  • 140
  • 1300
Groove Pitch


  • 0.3
  • 1

$  –  $

  • ‎$67
  • ‎$750