Kyeonghyang Housing Fair 4th generation Passat

The below photo shows Alto Ltd.'s the four e xperience on-site facilities Passat field equipment with District Holdings Ltd. in Febrary 2010. We installed four 2 100 * 1300 GigaOpt and stationary frmae. The size of completed screen was nearly 6m  * 2.25m. We use 0.8 Short Focus projector...

Vision Inspection

Vision Inspection Equipmetn for 3B SYSTEM Inc.

 3B SYSTEM chose Diypro's GigaOpt for the mirror required for sample inspection equipment. (3B SYSTEM develops various inspection equipment as mobile, notebook, monitor, TV, film, BLU, cell and module etc.)  GigaOpt is front surface mirror, and it has high durability and  reflectivity more than other mirrors. Question for...


Front Surface Mirror; Photometric Measurement (Mirror type)

This is a photometric measurement that is mirror type, and we provided it to Pimacs Ltd.     Used Product: GigaOpt  2440*1880mm 5T (OCLI Production)   Processing to an ellipse through waterjet and delivering.


Rear-Projection 12set Installation at France Pavilion in Yeosu Expo

We installed our rear-projections at Yeosu World Expo . Please refer to the attached pictures, and c ontact us anytime if you want to counsel . Question for rear-projection 02-3472-0673 010-4036-7560


Rear Projection Installaiton at Cheong-dam Studio

It is the rear projection that is installed at Cheong-dam studio in Seoul. Recently, the studio became popular due to many celebrities and photo shoot for an audition program.     Used Products   Screen; Da-Lite 300 inch rear screen(6000X4500mm) Projector; Dongwon-Systems DVM-J90M(10000 ANSI)  Lens; 0.8:1 short...


Binocular mirror mount - Russia

We received an email from Russian. He said that he was making telescope himself and needing Fresnelfactory's front surface mirror. The mirror is generally used for many purposes, so many people in Korea ask about it. By the way, I am so glad that Russian searched our products. View Original....