Development of 3D Hologram Projector


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What we want to show you is about the development of “3D hologram projector.”


While existing common projectors are deigned to have only one focal point,

above mentioned DiYPRO projector applied 10 various types of lenses enabling continuous focal points, so that on the curvy space  we made it express the images without distortion or blur.


Screen 1 and screen 2 have respectively different focal points.

On the space with different distances, it can form a clear image through one projector.

Application cases are as follows; 


Pcture 1



Picture 2


If you want to shoot picture 1 space and sculpture like  same image as picture 2, you need 3 projectors (background, platform, plaster head)

However, with one 3D hologram projector, you can realize the wanted image. 


Picture 3


The profile view is as shown by picture 3