3D display

MR like the movie “Avatar”

Recently, MR(Mixed Reality) is becoming popular instead with AR and VR. There is another term for Immersive Experience, which is converge the AR, VR and MR. From my personal opinion, on display side for virtual reality is getting close to enough level that gives satisfied experience for Sight. But the other senses such as Taste, Smell...


'Prism-based Floating Hologram' R&D result presentation

The Hologram Convergence Industry Forum was held at the Electronic Hall August 21. Dr. Seung-chul Kim (Service Research Institute, KT Institute of Convergence Technology) presented 'KT's hologram related research and development trend'. In the session, Dr. KIM present about R&D achievement of Korea Telecom(KT), Prism-based floating...


Development of Fresnel Lens for VR device

How are you?  This is Fresnel Factory. The product we want to introduce now is Fresnel lens which is developed for VR devices This lens was designed and developed to replace the existing glass lens  for reduction of weight and volume of  VR devices. More recently it is a trend that customers who look for Fresnel lens for 3D Display or VR...


Development of 3D Hologram Projector

What we want to show you is about the development of “3D hologram projector.” While existing common projectors are deigned to have only one focal point, above mentioned DiYPRO projector applied 10 various types of lenses enabling continuous focal points, so that on the curvy space  we made it express the images without distortion or blur....


3D stereoscopic glasses used fresnel lens

* Name : 3D stereoscopic glasses used fresnel lens * Material: PMMA and ABS   Recently, There are many questions and issues about stereoscopic image in vedio category. We are carrying out a national project related to IP video acquisition,  and many people asked us 3D vedio used lens and half mirror(spy mirror)   We did not participate...

Lens request for virtual reality

Lens request for virtual reality I have a email that is looking for recommendation for VR system. ---- Answer We have a lens that has diameter 30mm, focal legnth 20mm and groove pitch 0.1mm. Also have a lens that has diameter 140mm, focal legnth 50mm and groove pitch 0.3mm.   To stack 2 lens each other seems...

NUI / NUX system implementation

Multimedia-Engineering, Dongguk University developed the product using the NUI / NUX platform. We supplied a rear-projection system used in this system. Currently we are actively targeting the areas of 3D, motion detection sensors based on Fersnel technology holds its own. ----- Question for NUI / NUX system Myung...


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