'Prism-based Floating Hologram' R&D result presentation
February 7, 2019

The Hologram Convergence Industry Forum was held at the Electronic Hall August 21.

Dr. Seung-chul Kim (Service Research Institute, KT Institute of Convergence Technology) presented 'KT's hologram related research and development trend'.

In the session, Dr. KIM present about R&D achievement of Korea Telecom(KT), Prism-based floating hologram. FresnelFactory Inc. was participating as outsourced R&D partner.

<Presentation of Dr. Kim during the Hologram Convergence Industry Forum General Meeting> 

Dr. KT's Dr. Kim Seung Cheol presented prism array-based floating holograms as 1) prism array-based transmissive floating holograms and 2) prism array-based dual-layer floating holograms.

 < Hologram Based Service Requirements > 

  • Dimensional and spatial
     -  Transmissive system
     -  Multi-layer system
  • Compact system
    -Compact optical design

  • Full color / Clear image
    -Color aberration correction algorithm
    -Video noise reduction technology

  • Low Cost
    -Low price system

Hologram based services require the above.

FresnelFactory Inc. involved not only optics supplier, but also research and development member from January 4, 2016 to January 6, 2018 with the same goal.


<Floating hologram based on prism array (Source: Dr. Kim, KT Institute of Convergence Technology)>

In the prism array-based transmissive floating hologram, the image noise due to the optical path is removed by a field filter.

 Color dispersion noise has been removed using a color aberration correction algorithm, which is also FresnelFactory Inc. developed.Transmissive floating holograms based on prismatic arrays were demonstrated on 5G bus internal hologram live.



<Dual Layer Floating Hologram based on Prism Array (Source: Dr. Kim, KT Institute of Convergence Technology)>

The dual layer floating hologram based on the prism array enables double layer representation by using two spatial projection images.

It is installed inside Pyeongchang 5G Village to demonstrate promotional videos as holograms.

FresnelFactory Inc. is a supplier and outsourcing R&D partner of KT.

Contract Date Project Title
service 2016.01.04~2016.04.30  Optical Floating Hologram system design verification test system production
service 2016.05.17~2016.06.30 Development of  Optical Floating Hologram system simulator

FresnelFactory Inc. designs and manufactures Fresnel lenses, MAL, and Lenticular for 3D Display, AR / VR / MR, Hologram, and can do collaborative / service research.

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