A work of art with overhead projector applying Fresnel lens
November 25, 2015
Overhead projector fresnel

Matching the technology and art is not easy job, but a very meaningful one.

We DIYPRO provided technical advice and Fresnel lens recently  in accordance with the request of one external  firm.


It is to project the image with various patterns on the surface of wall by applying overhead projector.

Something peculiar is that the apparatus was made simple and open type to make audience able to participate directly. It maybe something like a kind of " participating type of Media-Facade"


The picture below is a photograph of the display at the Maronie Square of University-Road in Korea.  The images shot at the late afternoon and in the night through the drops of water on the surface of Fresnel lens are projected on the surface of external wall of a building using as the screen.



Below, you can see the image of a very impressive hand of one audience projected from the rooftop.

Finally, it is projection of a color image.


As per the request of author who wants to induce the interactive participation of audiences and the possibility of use in the various circumstances of different brightness, we DIYPRO recommended to compose the system with 2 Fresnel lenses and front face mirror; first, we made Fresnel lens 300*300mm size as worktable for the audiences to let them conduct  various formations, second, we enhanced the brightness of screen using total reflection mirror and 300*300mm Fresnel lens instead of small diameter projection lens.


If you want detailed explanation of the work and demonstration, please contact us; we will help you to communicate with the author.



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