CES 2016, Las Vegas, USA

How are you? This is Myung J.Kim, CEO of DIYPRO.   I returned from CES 2016, Las Vegas, USA last week. Reflecting the trend of explosive growth of IOT industry, it was possible to find visibly increasing IOT related products in comparison with CES 2015. Among them, I checked concentrating upon the products that applied PIR Fresnel lens...

Overhead projector fresnel

A work of art with overhead projector applying Fresnel lens

Matching the technology and art is not easy job, but a very meaningful one. We DIYPRO provided technical advice and Fresnel lens recently  in accordance with the request of one external  firm.   It is to project the image with various patterns on the surface of wall by applying overhead projector . ​ Something peculiar is that the...


Lens cap for motion detection sensor lens being supplied by DIYPRO to SMART THINGS,USA(subsidiary of SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS)

Recently, DIYPRO has lots of business references in the motion detection sensors, especially applied  in the home networking terminals.    The most outstanding event among them is the fact that SMART THINGS, USA has launched sales of the motion sensor which is applied DIYPRO's PD06-12008W and sensor.  We feel more sense of accomplishment as we...

cone diagram for LED highbay


Product : LED type HIGH BAY DOWNLIGHT Applied optic : : Multi-array Lens (Fly eye Lens)   The product we have finished development this time is LED type High-bay-Light which is usually used in the factory and hall. It is a development of optical lens of the improvement of existing product, not as a new product.  For light sources, 260...


Portable High Definition optic lens for broadcast shootings

Product : Portable High Definition optic lens for broadcast shootings Light sources at lighting emitting area : multiple arrayed LED chips at the space 138.5 x 70mm Developed lens: Diffuser Sphere Fresnel Lens The product DIYPRO was requested to develop is portable flat panel lighting for broadcast shooting. It is not a newly...


Light Shaper200 - Lens array

Accessory for flat panel lighting From flat flood light to spot light Immediate change available at the filming site We disclosed Light Shaper 200 which we newly developed in the Korea Broadcasting Lighting Fixture Expo in 2015. Purpose of product development: optical accessory for broadcast that can change flat panel...

Fresnel lens mold core - Concentrate Photovoltaic

◈  Production specifications 1. Prism R(Tip radius) : ≤7um 2. Specular roughness(Ra) : ≤0.007um   Product developed this time by DIYPRO is Fresnel lens cold core for concentrate photovoltaic In case of concentrate photovoltaic lens, generally it is produced with prism R value 10um, but we changed it to...

Visitor to DIYPRO, Chairman Ms. Kristie Chadwick ,INBIA of USA

Ms. Kristie Chadwick, Chairman of Association of Venture Corporations of USA visited DIYPRO on October 27th, 2015. She saw the  glassless 3D display device and listened about the technology of   lens for motion detecting sensor which are under development by DIYPRO.     The picture below...

How motion detector works(Passive Infrared Sensor)

This videos describe about motion detect sensor. What consist with it and how detector works. If you want to see more video, please visit link below.  

Company blog open opened Story of FresnelFactory at We will continuously share our achievements through the blog.

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