Lens cap for motion detection sensor lens being supplied by DIYPRO to SMART THINGS,USA(subsidiary of SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS)
November 24, 2015
Recently, DIYPRO has lots of business references in the motion detection sensors, especially applied  in the home networking terminals. 
The most outstanding event among them is the fact that SMART THINGS, USA has launched sales of the motion sensor which is applied DIYPRO's PD06-12008W and sensor.  We feel more sense of accomplishment as we have participated as the optic partner from the beginning of the development.
The size of motion detection sensor of SMART THINGS is very  small as battery power model.
The fact that entire product is small means the space for battery is also small, and the space for lens is also small.  To solve above issues, we applied RE200GE for sensor, and PD06-12008W for lens.
We feel very proud that the product with DIYPRO's touch is launched in the market, furthermore in the respected brand," SAMSUNG". 
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