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Fresnel lens mold core - Concentrate Photovoltaic

◈  Production specifications 1. Prism R(Tip radius) : ≤7um 2. Specular roughness(Ra) : ≤0.007um   Product developed this time by DIYPRO is Fresnel lens cold core for concentrate photovoltaic In case of concentrate photovoltaic lens, generally it is produced with prism R value 10um, but we changed it to...

Visitor to DIYPRO, Chairman Ms. Kristie Chadwick ,INBIA of USA

Ms. Kristie Chadwick, Chairman of Association of Venture Corporations of USA visited DIYPRO on October 27th, 2015. She saw the  glassless 3D display device and listened about the technology of   lens for motion detecting sensor which are under development by DIYPRO.     The picture below...

How motion detector works(Passive Infrared Sensor)

This videos describe about motion detect sensor. What consist with it and how detector works. If you want to see more video, please visit link below.  

Company blog open opened Story of FresnelFactory at We will continuously share our achievements through the blog.

LED Spot light Injection mold

  Below are 3D draw of injection mold for LED spot light. We design and manufacture injection and hot-press mold. This work is asked by a Stage light leading company in South Korea. Feel free to ask any question about design lens and mold. Our contact is +82 70 7605 1652 or

Thanks letter from Turkey and

Today we received 2 letter from our customers. They are Dr. Goksel in Turkey and Willie Delport in South Africa. "Thank you, totally amazing. Received the lenses in perfect condition! Great service, thank you." "Thanks for your cooperation. I have gotten the lens you sent. It was nicely packaged and arrived without any damages." It was...

Solar sinter - 3D printer with solar

We received a mail that asking fresnel lens for solar sintar. ------------- Hi, I want to build this kind of machine: Can you recommend me what type of lens I have to buy ?   ---------- Hello,   I highly recommend CP1300-1100. It is slightly bigger...

fresnel lens for ambulance

Recently, I received a mail from Australia. The company is looking for a optical solution for LED light. Below are messages between us. (confidential information are removed)   ----- We are planning to develop an LED lighthead using a Fresnel lens.  It appears that you can help.  Please see attached concept...

Review of LED EXPO 2013

LED EXPO last week with the help of other companies hankyeon have our products on display . The photo below ( shares ) herem as the reflector and heat sink is a picture of the COB . Our various reflectors that when you apply the Fresnel lens to create or Narrow angle or more will be able to...

New fresnel lenses are updated

Dear customers, We are updated 17 new fresnel lenses and details of products. Our product line are updated when we develop new products and lines. If you can't find lenses that you want feel free to contact or Thank you.

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