Fresnel lens mold core - Concentrate Photovoltaic
November 17, 2015

 Production specifications
1. Prism R(Tip radius) : ≤7um
2. Specular roughness(Ra) : ≤0.007um
Product developed this time by DIYPRO is Fresnel lens cold core for concentrate photovoltaic
In case of concentrate photovoltaic lens, generally it is produced with prism R value 10um, but we changed it to 7um to enhance efficacy of lens. While making R value of prism accurate, in the reverse proportion, it was produced with the surface roughness Ra 0.07 um in the level lower than the common products.
(Most of the Prism Pattern we produce, it is with prism R value 10um/Ra 0.01.)
(Mold core image produced)
(Lens produced with the mold developed by us)
(Image of cross section of lens shot with microscope)
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