Design and fabrication of lenses for human body detection (PIR) products with a detection range of 360 degrees
March 2, 2021

Recently, there has been a request for development of PIR products for various purposes. Typical PIR products have different detection angles depending on their intended use. For this reason, lenses are essential for PIR products.

Fresnel Factory Korea is also receiving inquiries about various lenses for PIR products. Among them, there was an inquiry about the development of lenses for PIR products with a detection range of 360 degrees.

Because the detection range should be 360 degrees, we designed the lens with the Fresnel pattern arranged. In addition, the internal layout was modified to detect the farthest places, and fine pattern adjustment was carried out to solve the problem of jamming in the production stage of production.


After the design, we checked whether it fits the development conditions through simulation. We will also check if it was produced according to the design through the detection range measurement device.


Fresnel Factory Korea is manufacturing a measuring device that determines not only the detection range but also the detection of objects. The measuring device is currently being manufactured and will be completed in the first half of 2021.


Fresnel Factory Korea is a professional optical company and is proceeding from the design stage to the production and delivery to the specifications that customers want.


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