Portable High Definition optic lens for broadcast shootings
November 20, 2015

Product : Portable High Definition optic lens for broadcast shootings

Light sources at lighting emitting area : multiple arrayed LED chips at the space 138.5 x 70mm

Developed lens: Diffuser Sphere Fresnel Lens

The product DIYPRO was requested to develop is portable flat panel lighting for broadcast shooting.It is not a newly developed product using the light source at light emitting area of existing product. What DIYPRO was requested development was to improve optic lens area.Before the request of development given to DIYPRO, the light surce of light emitting area of the existing product used 138.5 x 70mm LED Panel(Super high CRI Power LED) and controlled the light distribution by dffuser.


There was following problem when the light distribution is controlled using the existing diffuser( existing optic lens)

1. Decline of illuminance

2.Change of color temperature

3. Change of color coordinate



 Measurement of illuminance and light distribution without any optics

Illuminance : 672lux

Color temperature : 6141K


◈ Measurement of illuminance and spectra applying the existing diffuser

Illuminance : 505lux

Color temperature : 5715K



◈ Measurement of illuminance and spectra applying DIYPRO Diffuser Sphere Fresnel Lens
Illuminance: 850 lux
Color temperature: 6122K
◈ Comparison of images of existing diffuser and DIYPRO’s Diffuser Sphere Fresnel Lens
Following is the comparison between the existing diffuser and Diffuser Sphere Fresnel Lens of DIYPRO.
1. Illuminance : 505lux --> 850lux(68.5% increased)
2. FWHM : Ø635mm --> Ø555mm(12.5% reduced)
3. Color temperature and color coordinates: changed--> no change

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