Design of Fresnel Lens for Sensors to Measure Vehicle Speed
July 2, 2021

Previously, Fresnel lens was only used in lighting and some sensors. Recently, however, the penetration rate has been high and the number of Fresnel lens-injectible materials has increased, which has been added to your field.

Among them, I would like to talk about the design of Fresnel lenses for sensors to measure the speed of vehicles.

Since the speed of the vehicle is very fast, we need a measuring instrument with relatively high resolution and high unit price to measure accurately. However, Fresnel Factory Korea is developing a measuring device using Fresnel lens for PIR sensor, which is an infrared sensor with a very low unit price.


It has two or more infrared detection sensors, but the unit price is very low, so it is price competitive, and it can be used semi-permanently due to its low power consumption.

In addition, communication with the software is very smooth, and unlike conventional speed meters that only target vehicles, measurements using infrared sensors can be checked for people, bicycles, pets, etc., so the scope of use is wide.


Fresnel Factory Korea is a professional optical company that develops and produces high-quality optical products through optical design that meets users' needs.


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