CES 2016, Las Vegas, USA
January 20, 2016

How are you?

This is Myung J.Kim, CEO of DIYPRO.


I returned from CES 2016, Las Vegas, USA last week.

Reflecting the trend of explosive growth of IOT industry, it was possible to find visibly increasing IOT related products in comparison with CES 2015.

Among them, I checked concentrating upon the products that applied PIR Fresnel lens which DIYPRO devloped and supplied.



This is Motion sensor from Samsung SmartThings which uses DIYPRO's PIR lens.



We introduced this product in our DIYPRO website in November, 2015.

(reference : http://diypro.co.kr/bbs/board.php?bo_table=instance&wr_id=93)



Amazon blink

This is Blink of Immedia which uses DIYPRO PIR lens.

Blink was awarded CES 2016 Innovation Awards.

It show outstanding performance in all the apsect as well as design and funtion.

Fortunately, I could meet Doug, R&D leader, Immedia and took a picture together with him.


Additionally, they are PIR Motion Detectors from other participants of CES 2016.