FLL150-50, Linear fresnel lens

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Focal length(mm)150 Length(mm)700 MaterialPoly visiable(UV cut) Thickness(mm)2 Width(mm)50

Linear Fresnel lens is relative to the point of focus in terms of Fresnel lens, its positive shape look like shutter, look from the profile, Is also the point of changing the   sawtooth shape, unlike disc Fresnel lens, this lens focus light to form a straight line。And the linear Fresnel lens can converge the incident parallel light into linear focal spot. It is shown that these lenses may efficiently concentrate the solar radiation.
So Solar photovoltaic power generation, Solar energy and other fields.

The transmittance of the material is important to be the influence of the lens, so the high transmittance material Fresnel Factory using is Poly visible (UV CUT).


























Technical information

Focal Length (mm) = 150
Width*Length (mm) : 50*700
Groove Pitch (mm) :0.5
Thickness (mm) : 2
Material : PMMAType : Common















Normal type Fresnel lens such as magnifiers, lighting equipment, 3D display is being used in a variety of areas.

Groove(Prism) on the opposite side condensing

(A flat surface condensing)


Also we design to use more 3mm Optical PMMA for loner life time and to have 0.5 ~ 1.0mm groove pitch for higher solar concentration.

(If groove pitch is density, then quality of image that is maginifed is clearer.If groove pitch is width, then efficince of concentration of light is higher.)



◈ Refraction of light with Conve and Concave lens



◈ Cone lux diagram (50, 90, 120˚)

The basic functions of the lens to refract light, can spreading or condensing the light emitted from the light source.

Fresnel lens a lighter and thin than convex(concave) lens.

So, when the Fresnel lens used in lighting equipment to make a lighter, smaller apparatus.





◈ Light distribution changes video



◈ Fresnel lens concentration rate

Concentration rate is ratio between area of solar cell and area of Fresnel lens.

Ex) Fresnel lens size 120*120mm → area of lens is 14400mm2
Solar cell size 5*5mm → area of solar cell is 25mm2
Concentration rate is 14400/25 = 576 times

However because of transmittance rate and other obstructs, multiple 80% is reasonable.
Adjusted concentration rate is (14400*0.8)/25 = 460 times



◈ Using a Fresnel lens solar concentrator



◈ Efficiency and F number

F=focal legnth/Diameter

From F1.2, the efficency is dramatically droped. It shows there is a certain ratio between focal length of fresnel and diameter of lens.

Bigger size Lens is not always the answer.



◈ Comparing transmittance of SOG(Silicone On Glass) and PMMA

Our Optical PMMA has higher transmitive than glass, which is 92~95%, and absorption in visual ray is almost 0%





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Focal length(mm)
  • Poly visiable(UV cut)
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