Video that shows you changing beam angle by using convex Fresnel and concave fresnel

We made a vedio to show you the difference between convex(or conversing) lens and concave(or diverging) lens.

We shot the process.


Experimental equipment

Conversing Fresnel lens (DIYPRO product)

Diverging Fresnel lens (DIYPRO product)

Light Source using COB LED - Xicato


The beam angle of Jigato module is 120 dgrees when nothing is applied.


First, it is what shown you when convex is applied.

Second, it shows you what spread again by usinsg concave.

You can see the light distribution angle changed depending on the movement of lens.



(아무런 Optic이 적용되지 않은 지가토 모듈의 배광각은 120도입니다.

이것을 첫번째로 볼록렌즈를 적용하여 모여지는 모습입니다.

두번째로 오목렌즈를 이용하여 다시 퍼뜨리는 모습니다.

렌즈가 움직임에 따라 배광각도가 변하는 모습을 보실 수 있습니다.)


made by DIYPRO Ltd.


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