Production of CPV Lens Mold Core

◈ Production of CPV LENS MOLD CORE

product : CPV Lens Mold Core
usage : condensing solar cell module
Lens size : 120x120mm(4 cavity)
Focal area size : 6x6mm
Light concentration magnifying rate : 400 times

The product now we want to introduce is CPV Lens Mold Core.
As client requested light concentration magnifying rate more than 300 times with PMMA material, we made the product with 400 times in consideration of loss. (incident surface, exit surface penetration rate  95%, diffraction rate 90%, convergent section 98%,  overall efficiency 80%)


◈ Mold Core(4 cavity)



Processing for hole to fix  at Mold Base and side processing for Heating and Cooling are completed..

◈ side processing


It is mold core mounting area.


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