Pyroelectronic lens for motion detector

A Company was provided a sample of the Motion Sensor LED lights apply to photos.

PIR sensor for motion detection from the past using the on / off had been used in many applications .
The most common examples of using the round lights in the front door of the unit .



Look on the left side of the lens area is semi-transparent look like the picture , it is a movement sensor .

A has been commissioned from the past continues to live using the PIR sensor detects and had been made ​​.
Existing poor performance lens was used products can not be replaced while our company was looking to find the product you've been DP105-10005 .
Fortunately, the existing large deformation Injection size does not go right back to situation.

Uniformly than you'll find pictures of the existing lens and the lens pattern is evident that transparency would look real .

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