Lighting Equipment for S Co.

DIYPRO's Fresnel Lens for S Co.

This is lighting fixtures being developed for use in stage lighting


S사에 사용된 DIYPRO 프레넬 렌즈 

무대조명에 사용하기 위하여 개발중인 조명 기구의 모습입니다.


LED array appearance


It was desinged to zoom irradiation radius using two pieces of the fresnel lens.

두장의 프레넬 렌즈를 이용하여 조사반경을 zoom할수 있도록 되어 있습니다.


Its development is currently progressing.

현재 개발 진행중에 있습니다.


DIYPRO develop and produce many products relate to fresnel lens using technology, not only LED lighting and barcode reading lens,



Questions for development and production of fresnel lens

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Application book                                          Polymaterial                                          Design request

                                  The unique USA and Korean based manufacture             Special engineered polymers,such as PMMA,PC,PE                       Infrared fresnel optics

                                               having technology for Fresnel lens                          PET for optics.Infrared,Visible and UV light purpose.                      Mold production