Converging Lens Set for Solar Cell

This is a condenser lens set that is self-development. 

(저희가 자체 개발한 솔라셀용 집광렌즈 Set입니다.)








We have a lot of know-how about solar lighting and generation focusing on fresnel lens, and have developed many things with other companies.

(현재 다이프로는 태양광 채광과 발전에 관련하여 많은 know-how, 특히 프레넬 렌즈를 이용한 부분에 주력하며 다른 기업들과 많은 개발을 해나가고 있습니다.)



Question for Fresnel lens development and production

DIYPRO 02-3472-0673




Application book                                          Polymaterial                                          Design request

                                  The unique USA and Korean based manufacture             Special engineered polymers,such as PMMA,PC,PE                       Infrared fresnel optics

                                               having technology for Fresnel lens                          PET for optics.Infrared,Visible and UV light purpose.                      Mold production