solar position simulator

Dear, Sir/Madam.

Hello, I am Aran, a researcher of the R&D at DiYPRO company. We were given your e-mail address by google. I’m writing to Introduce our measuring instrument.



DiYPRO is a company that develops natural light window films (=Daylight Redirecting Film) with prismatic patterns.
We are designing to build a solar simulator to measure the performance of prism films.

This measuring instrument is equipped with a lighting system that implements the movement of the sun. You can see how the light is redirected after passing through the film.

It also records the illumination value(lux) of 30 points at ceiling, wall and the work plane.

If you would like to use this measuring instrument, please contact us @

Also, I think you may be interested in our Daylight Redirecting Film, SolisTM film. Please check the link for more information.

Thank you.



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