TMOS63-10 for TMOS 221004 EVK

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ColorWHITE MaterialPoly FIR200 SizeØ10
Lens TMOS63-10 for TMOS EVK
(Long range narrow detection lens)
This document specifies TMOS sensor STHS34PF80 from STMicroelectronics PCB TMOS_34PF80Rev2.1_noled_FrontCable and Lens
TMOS63-10 from Fresnel Factory Inc.
TMOS63-10 is suitable for people counter, narrow and long-distance detection.
Detection performance can be different according to test setting and room condition. The performance in this document is based on room temperature 25 Celsius,
Dimension and orientation of TMOS63-10 lens

Lens TMOS63-10

Detectable Range and Field of View.

Lens Housing for EVK with PCB TMOS_34PF80 Rev2.1_noled_FrontCable
Please download 3D STP file for 3D printing in link below.
Housing consists 3 Parts with Directional Keys. All keys must be faced to the PCB connector (see picture below). Housing fastened by 4 Philips self-tapping Screws M2x8.
PCB TMOS_34PF80Rev2.1_noled_FrontCable