Flat Wide angle mirror

Wide angle mirror

Reflective Fresnel wide-angle mirror can serve following purposes: Banks ATM, bank window for security and other fields. It is designed with light weight, compact size, broad visualization in scope, and high durability to cope with external impacts.


1, Clear reflection image and less deformation.

2, wide viewing angle : visualization angle of 100 degrees, upper and lower viewing angle of 50 degrees.

3, strengthened surface coating process, increased hardness, anti-weathered, anti-UV, anti-aging, scratch-resistant : Superior performance with protective aluminum surface spray paint, waterproof, moisture-proof, apply to various environmental.

4, wide-angle mirrors the back of double-sided adhesive, easy to use, using the adhesive stickers on backside

Installation methods:

1, wide-angle mirrors must be affixed in the absence of the bumpy surface. Prior wipe dirt, moisture, oil, dried.

2, and then strip off the paper on the backside of the wide-angle mirror.

3, attach the wide-angle mirrors onto desired position with uniform compression on the surface.

4, clean the surface with clean cotton cloth with neutral detergent if possible.


1, no sharp objects described by wide-angle mirror surface.

2, the application of environmental temperature: -30 oC to +70 oC.

3, no bending or wide-angle mirrors to any other external forces.

4, with wide-angle mirrors on the cloth wipe dust.

5, Peel off the sticker paper with caution, otherwise it will affect the level of adhesion  

6, Do not attach to the human skin.

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