SOLIS(daylight redirecting film) save 38% lighting energy annually

SOLIS, daylight redirecting film, evaluated in terms of economic value. The evaluation result is saving save 38% lighting energy annually. SOLIS, daylight redirecting film, was evaluated for its economic feasibility by saving 38% lighting energy and 10% electricity bill annually. SOLIS is a daylight window film...


Solis Film for Natural Lighting

How are you? Today I'm going to introduce our new product Solis and especially Film Type. Solis applications were developed with our optics design skills and it can make the sunlight from the sun go into deep indoors. You can find the movies regarding introduction and how install it below :  Solis Film can block UV ray about 99% and...


A daylight prism sheet spotlighted by Viva Tech Solis

Hello, This is Fresnel Factory. Introducing "Solis" in Viva Tech exhibition Fresnel Factory Co., Ltd. was invited by Paris City on May 15 to exhibit Smart Solis at the Viva Tech exhibition. Solis refracts sunlight through a fine prism and sends it deep inside the room, saving room lighting energy, cooling, and heating energy. <...