Solis Film for Natural Lighting
March 17, 2018

How are you?

Today I'm going to introduce our new product Solis and especially Film Type.

Solis applications were developed with our optics design skills and it can make the sunlight from the sun go into deep indoors. You can find the movies regarding introduction and how install it below : 

Solis Film can block UV ray about 99% and infrared ray up to 90% from the sunlight. It has similar functions with normal window films you used. But Solis Film can make you save electricity cost for lighting and heating inside. We got certificate from "Korea Photonics Technology Institute" and "Korea Conformity Laboratories" already and Solis Film is in process to get NFRC certificate for preparing export. Please refer the contents below : Inquiry about Solis Film to Myungjoong Kim, CEO Tel +82 70 7605 0693