A daylight prism sheet spotlighted by Viva Tech Solis
July 22, 2016

Hello, This is Fresnel Factory.
Introducing "Solis" in Viva Tech exhibition
Fresnel Factory Co., Ltd. was invited by Paris City on May 15 to exhibit Smart Solis at the Viva Tech exhibition. Solis refracts sunlight through a fine prism and sends it deep inside the room, saving room lighting energy, cooling, and heating energy.

< Kim Myung-joong, CEO of FresnelFactory Inc., participated in Viva Tech>

<Photo of Viva Tech Exhibition>
We had a meeting with investors, ITD Technology, PSV Film, and Visio Roma. One of investor, a subsidy of global material company, was interested in the microscopic prism, which is the source optical technology of Fresnel Factory Co., Ltd., and discussed the use of it for ceiling cover as well as window film.
Due to Daylight window film, we have to consider the position of the sun constantly changing, so Fresnel Factory Co., Ltd. has also produced a blind shape to maintain the proper angle.
In addition, through collaboration with external vendors, we are also preparing the smart furniture and IoT market by implementing Smart Solis, which connects Solis Blind with Google Home and My smart blind.
Fresnel Factory Co., Ltd. is a Fresnel specialty optical company with fine patterns. We have developed/possessed Daylight film with optical pattern and window tinting film. We recommend a suitable film according to customer's usage.