MLA(Micro Lens Array)


Introducing the development of brighter micro-display panels with MLA( Micro Lens Array). More applications use displays with very small pixels, such as AR(Augmented Reality), VR(Virtual Reality) and HMD(head mounted display). As a result, the development of MLA for ultra-small displays and microLEDs is increasing.  <...


Development Lens Array for 3D Display

We introduce a product that was requested to develop by the ETRI who is a leader in R&D fields. It is an optic lens with an array of several Fresnel Lenses with the shape of honey comb at the center and with outer part transparent. Based on the required data of lens size and focal length from the client, Fresnel Factory engaged from optic...


Convex Lenslet(array type) Development and Mold (hot press / hot press mold)

This is formation 684x385mm convex lenslet(array type) development and mold (hot press / hot press mold) for hot press, and its material is PMMA. I am sorry that I cannot open specification and precise photos because of convention with the company. It is called intergral image or photonics, and its purpose is 3D hologram. Total 102 240 pieces...


Stage Lighting Device Prototype That Replaces Mirrorball

We developed stage lighting device prototype that replaces mirrorball. In  the past, multiple lighting effect is created by using a plurality of the LED. However, in this time the concept of our development is that it makes one light source look like a plurality of light sources, using arrayed multi- lens ....


Diypro Manufactured and Supplied Array Lenses Making the Most of Fresnel Lens Characteristics Edit | Quick Edit | Tras

There is array lens that makes the most of fresnel lens characteristics. If you create an array lens with f resnel lenses, you can make a difference for several lenses.     These are array lenses which Diypro supplies. This lens is manufactured by injection molding. It was...


Recording using a lenslet (multi-lens array) for 3D

It is the logo of LG Electronics recorded using a multi- array lenses ( lenslets ) designed for use with 3D holograms.   We took the logo with a diameter of about 60 pies, placing the lens at different distances . The first  picture shows you the logo used the lens array which its focal length is 8mm,...