Development Lens Array for 3D Display
September 20, 2017

We introduce a product that was requested to develop by the ETRI who is a leader in R&D fields.

It is an optic lens with an array of several Fresnel Lenses with the shape of honey comb at the center and with outer part transparent.

Based on the required data of lens size and focal length from the client, Fresnel Factory engaged from optic design, tooling design and tool-making up to production.

We are not informed of the exact usage of this apparatus but we assume that it may be used in connection with display of UX and etc.

ddcc809145b3a375d58272c74162bfd8_1450946 Above picture is a mockup that shows the shape of product only. ddcc809145b3a375d58272c74162bfd8_1450946 It is the first sample, with outer part blurred except lens array area. Compared with mockup, it shows lens effect of Fresnel Lens ar the center standing out. ddcc809145b3a375d58272c74162bfd8_1450946

It is the second sample. We changed transparently the outer part except lens array part following the request of client.