Development of MLA for AR to increase micro display brightness

by Ashton KIM
< Mold for MLA>
< Mold for MLA (microscope)>

Introducing the development of brighter micro-display panels with MLA( Micro Lens Array).

More applications use displays with very small pixels, such as AR(Augmented Reality), VR(Virtual Reality) and HMD(head mounted display).

As a result, the development of MLA for ultra-small displays and microLEDs is increasing.

  Two things are important for MLA molding.

First, FresnelFactory Inc. develops MLA as a fine mold suitable for micro optical system.

 Manufacture mold using roll-to-roll equipment by DTM method. MLA is produced using a nickel stamped mold.

Take care of mold and lens tolerance management.

Also, the alignment of the MLA with the micro display panel pixels.

 FresnelFactory Inc. has many years of development experience such as fresnel lens, prism-array, MLA and lenticular.

Fresnel Factory Inc. provides one-stop service for lens development and micro lens alignment to customer's application.

2020 SPIE Photonics West # 5379-9 showcases micro-lenses and mold samples.


Ashton Myung Joong KIM

CEO of FresnelFactory Inc.

USA : +1 415 779 5317 

CEL : +82 10-5248-4630


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