Art work on the wall using overhead projector

It is not an easy matter that technology and art meet together but it is very meaningful. In response to the request of an external entity , we supported technical advise and supplied Fresnel lens to the work of art below mentioned. It is to project diversified images of patterns on the external wall of  building using Overhead Projector.  What is...

LCD projector

Electronic Blackboard for J Engineering

Diypro(FrensnelFactory)'s GigaOpt is used in 100inch electronic blackboard. The size of mirror is 2145*1420, and it was produced rhombus not rectangular for optimal use. (2145*1420 H:1375) [Used Products] GigaOpt front surface mirror 2145*1420mm GigaOpt front surface mirror 750*510mm We have designed rear-projection...


Rear-projection Installations for KCC Architectural Environment Institute

    This is the rear-projection installed on the KCC Architectural Institute of Environmental at giheung-gu Yongin. It was projected on the curved screen width 2.68mm and height 1.5m that is in demonstrating and experiencing room.     *** Used Products GigaOpt Front Surface Mirror  1270*812mm GigaOpt...