Rear-projection Installations for KCC Architectural Environment Institute
December 1, 2016



This is the rear-projection installed on the KCC Architectural Institute of Environmental at giheung-gu Yongin. It was projected on the curved screen width 2.68mm and height 1.5m that is in demonstrating and experiencing room.   

*** Used Products GigaOpt Front Surface Mirror 1270*812mm GigaOpt 1270 Tilt-type system Panasonic DZ6710 6000 ansi Projector

Attaching rear screen of film type to the curved glass

The product that was installed in  KCC Architectural Environment Institute was initially designed based on the 700 * 500mm front surface mirror (GigaOpt),

but it was replaced with 1270*812mm front surface mirror (Giga Opt) because of space issue.



Adjusting after completing projection system.

Adjusting Panasonic DZ6710 projector screen used in the installation


Installation was difficult because the screen is curved. 


Final completion; demonstrating Bluray. 

This is the picture that shows you our final completion. It is completed luxuriously, the interior around it was finished. 

It is responsible for the design of electronic blackboard single-panel LCD projectors and rear projection systems based on the technology and who directly development know-how.

Questions for real projection and electronic blackboard

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