3-axis Hemisphere instrument for PIR TEST
December 7, 2018

IR emitters were installed in a three-axis and hemispherical instrument for the PIR test to implement changes in radiation energy by distance of a person/PET.

This enabled us to reduce and automate PIR performance measurements.

 Hello, This is Fresnel Factory Co., Ltd.

We introduce the 3 axis-hemispherical instrument for the PIR test.

Demand for PIR (Motion Detector) is increasing due to expansion of markets for smart furniture and Internet of Things.

However, only 1) and 2) are currently in progress. 1) is labor cost, 1) and 2) is very large space and takes a lot of time, so there is a limit to measuring many samples.

Using IR emitter, Fresnel Factory Korea calculated the change of radiation energy by distance of people/PET and established the method of scald test.

IR emitters will also be installed in a three-axis hemispherical instrument to implement an automated test.

With a hemispherical instrument with a diameter of 1 meter, the distance and angle of the sensor and light source are always constant.

This allows accurate detection angles and detection distance measurements.

In the future, we will conduct PIR performance measurement by our customers and standardize PIR performance measurement

Fresnel Factory Co., Ltd is a PIR Fresnel lens company. PIR range, detection angle and performance measurements are carried out to meet customer needs.


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