Design and Prediction of Detection Range for PIR(Passive InfraRed) Lens Using Optical Simulation Program

  Recently, development inquiries for passive-infrared(PIR) lenses continue. In general, PIR(Passive Infrared) lenses are arranged in a x b array with a number of Fresnel lenses. PIR(Passive InfraRed) lenses are usually not flat and are mostly round or square. In addition, separate materials should be used that can be passed on to the FIR(Far...

motion sensor development

This is a brief conversation between and me and one of our customer. We have been tasked with developing a superior passive (pyroelectric) PIR-sensor-based motion detector for commercial and residential spaces to add to the customer's line of existing successful models.  The customer having little in-house optical expertise, they have an...


3-axis Hemisphere instrument for PIR TEST

IR emitters were installed in a three-axis and hemispherical instrument for the PIR test to implement changes in radiation energy by distance of a person/PET. This enabled us to reduce and automate PIR performance measurements.  Hello, This is Fresnel Factory Co., Ltd. We introduce the 3 axis-hemispherical instrument for the...


Reduction of production stage by supplying improved PIR lens for human counter sensor

  Fresnel Factory has supplied its customers with improved PIR lenses for human counter sensors. As a result, the customer's production process has been reduced. This has helped reduce labor costs, increase production yields, and reduce performance tolerance between customer’s products   The customer has already supplied the lens for PIR from...


Development of lens transmittance improvement for FIR sensor for absolute temperature measurement

We have developed a lens transmittance improvement for FIR sensor for absolute temperature measurement, and we introduce successful cases which increased about 10%. FIR (Far InfraRed) sensor is a sensor that detects the temperature by measuring the infrared (IR) emitted from an object and is used in infrared cameras.  <Lens transmittance...


Eyecare Eyeview with FD08-10005

Hello Guys, Today I introduce the product Eyecare Eyeview using FD08-10005 PIR Fresnel lens from Fresnel Factory. This product can make the kids kept away from TV. If your kids come to TV close, this product make TV shut down. It is very easy to install and use. PIR Fresnel lenses manufactured by Fresnel Factory can be used many kinds of...


POLY material DPP25 & DPE200 for PIR Fresnel Lens

Dear Sir/Madam Today I introduce POLY material DPP25 and DPE200 for PIR Fresnel Lens. DPP25(PP) is stronger to hot temperature than DPE200(HDPE). Obviously, DPE200 has cheaper price and higher transmittance rate than DPP25. DPP25 has a lower met flow rate than DPE200, so it takes more time to inject Fresnel lenses and therefore the price is...


PIR Fresnel Lens for Samsung SmartThings Motion Detector

Dear Sir/Madam, Today I introduce PIR Fresnel Lens which is used to Samsung SmartThings motion detector. Fresnel Factory have manufactured PIR Fresnel lenses to Samsung several years. And this lens is a new version modified with previous version. The product is the device belongs to SmartThings Home Automation System. It can detect if...


Production of PIR Fresnel Lens Core

How are you? Today, we want to introduce you our mold core for PIR Fresnel lens which Fresnel Factory manufactures these days.  The mold of PIR Fresnel lens no. PD11-12010 is composed of 8 cores. General plastic injection can shoot 500,000 times for each core but the core for optical products shall be scrapped with 300,000 shots...


Reference of PIR module, PCB design and mounting lens

How are you? We are Fresnel Factory. With the expansion of Smart Home market, it is the increasing trend of inquiries about PIR Module. There are many inquiries not only about PIR lens and sensor but also about PCB design and housing, which indicates there are many companies undergoing difficulties  from them. So we checked how other companies...

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