PIR lens design inquiry
April 12, 2017

My name is XXX.XXX , and I’m a head of Mechanical Design in XXXX XXX Security is a technological and market leader in the field of advanced security solutions for homes, offices and full-service central monitoring stations.

The company enhances the business of remote monitoring stations by allowing them to offer superior security services to hundreds of thousands of residential and commercial subscribers, while operating with lower costs.

We are in the process of evaluating several high precision and high quality PIR lens vendors with capability of design and manufacture for our hi-runners and  new projects.

-          Did your company provided service of development and design custom PIR lenses?

-          Do you have capability for prototype and mass production?

-          What is the estimations for the design and 1st protoPlease refer to attached, I will be able to send you preliminary SOW  for the new PIR lens after NDA signing.


We have capability to design and manufacture custom PIR lens.

Mass production is also possible.

Prototype for optical lens is almost same as making a mold for production, since power of optics is defended on material, surface treatment, radius and etc.

What is approximate size of your lens? ----

Question for Fresnel lens 
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