Motion Detection Sensor Module for escalators
July 6, 2017
Do you know what role do the pillar in the entrance to the escalator? It is a device that adjusts the operation of the escalator, sensing people boarding and getting off.
Previously, it was operated when people pass the pillar placed between the entrance and exit. In this case it detected people passing rather than not near it, so it has a disadvantage that the operation is possible only when sensor pillar must be in some degree away from the escalator before people approaching.
We developed PIR sensor to solve this problem for the request from a company.
The picture below is a motion detection sensor that is applied to Schneider (Schneider electric) etc.
The point which is different from other products is that it senses when people approaching in a certain extent, not detecting when peopel passing. Therefore, it is possible to eliminate the space that had to be reserved for existing pole installation, and there is a advantage of being accessible to side.
Question for PIR sensor
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